Quality and Satisfaction


Being aware of food quality, Santos Distributors, Inc., works hard everyday to achieve and deliver your orders always fresh and on time.

Purpose and Values

Santos Distributors, Inc., acknowledges the standards for the correct handling and distribution of food products. We are always in constant research of improvements in different areas, such as logistic and customer service. In this case, we provide customers, partners, and our community complete satisfaction, creating bonds with them and assuring the best service they can receive and allow for future orders with us.

Company History

Santos Distributors, Inc., was founded in Rome, Georgia in 2014. It is located at 309 Dodd Blvd SE and it is a company dedicated to the distribution of nondurable goods. This ranges from fresh produce, beverages, cleaning and stationery supplies, plasticware such as to go bags, and Mexican Crafts.

Its founder, Edguard Santos, owner of the two Rome locations of Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant, saw a business opportunity. He figured out a way to cut the middleman out of his restaurants by becoming the middleman himself and getting the job done.

With Santos Distributors, Inc., you don’t have to have a business or restaurant to acquire a service or make an order with us. We are more than happy to provide you with outstanding products and will deliver anywhere.

Now, Santos Distributors, Inc. is providing foods and supplies to the Mexican Restaurant industries all across the Northwest Georgia area. The company is stepping strong and making its way into the market, which has previously been controlled by wholesalers and other distributor companies outside of the Atlanta area.

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